Drug Effects on Psychomotor Performance

Randall C. Baselt, Ph.D.
Director, Chemical Toxicology Institute
Foster City, CA

The intent of this work is to present in a single concise volume an overview of the current state of knowledge with regard to the psychomotor performance effects of therapeutic agents and abused substances. Thus, in a few minutesí time, one may come to an appreciation of the number and the nature of the psychometric studies that have been performed with drugs such as bupropion, lorazepam and methylphenidate. This information should prove useful to psychopharmacologists who plan and conduct research on the behavioral effects of psychoactive agents, clinicians who wish to avoid prescribing drugs that may cause impairment of mental or motor abilities in their patients, safety officials who are concerned with the role of drugs in workplace or traffic accidents, and forensic scientists who must interpret the central effects of drugs in situations that result in injury or property damage.

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